Sunday, 3 April 2016

Dark Angels Review

I honestly really do love the Dark Angels face and body cleanser by Lush but…

The only problem I have with it is that once you have used it, some of it stays on your face. Even when you have tried to wash it off, and it can be annoying to get out of the shower looking dirtier then when you went in, and I wasn’t the only one.

So I tried using less product like others online had suggested, but I still came out of the shower looking like a chimney sweep from Mary Poppins. Now I use it as an exfoliator, then I use micellar water to wipe off what is left and cleanse my face.

It is a bit inconvenient but my skin feels lovely and smooth every time I use it. I have found that the second tub of it I bought actually does not stick to my face as much as the last one did.

The cleanser contains charcoal powder which is brilliant for the skin, it draws out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other micro – particles from the skin which is why it is really good for acne. 

Avocado oil is another main ingredient in this product, avocado oil is really good for dry or scaly skin, and is used to help treat skin conditions like eczema.

With all the benefits of using dark angels and the way it makes my skin feel, having to give my face an extra wipe is not a big inconvenience, if it was I would not have purchased another tub. 

It lasts a long time as well the 100g tub cost £6.95 and I use it every other shower and it has last me about 5 months I would say, very good value for money in my opinion.

9/10 – The only downside is, that you can not always wash it all off without using another product after.