Tuesday, 18 April 2017

So, Slimming World...

I have attempted to start slimming world twice now and both times i have given up before I even hit week 2, not because of the plan just because deep down I really didn't want to loose the weight and I knew I didn't, other people wanted me to loose it.

Now 'I' want to loose it and not even just from a 'I will look better if I am thinner' point of view but I want to walk and run about all day without my feet, legs and back hurting like they do now, I don't want to be out of breath because I had to run up the stairs at work and honestly just eat better and stop waisting money of rubbish easy food that doesn't fill me up and just makes me look greasy and fat.

So this week I gave Slimming World another whirl. I wasn't sure if i was going to stick it out so honestly I didn't go to a meeting I still had all the info from the last time I went and I weighed myself and planned out my meals and thought I would see how it goes. I wasn't expecting everything to be perfect because I knew I would be going out drinking on sunday(Bank holiday weekend) and I would stick to it as much as I could but I knew I would stop caring once someone offered me a jagar bomb.

To summarise my week, I weighed myself on Monday (10/04/17) and I was 15 Stone exactly. I stuck to the plan 100% up until Sunday when I just ate and drank what I wanted. But luckily I weighed myself on Saturday (15/04/17) and I was 7lbs down! What! I had lost half a stone in 5 days! incredible I had weighed myself today (18/04/17) and put 3lbs on from eating and drinking whatever I wanted over the last 3 days but my trial run this week has proved to me that I will loose weight on this plan so I am sticking to it!

So here I am 4lbs down after half trying and ready to give it a good go!

I have a music festival to go to in July and I am aiming to loose as much as I can before then it is on the 27th July so I have 14 weeks to go! Wish me Luck!

Current Weight - 206lbs (14 Stone 10lbs/ 93.44 Kg)
Weight Lost - 4lbs

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