Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Weekly Update! (10/04/2017 - 16/04/2017)

So I think weekly updates would be a great way to track my progress to not only see how much i lost overall but to see what meals I have had each week, what events and challenged I faced diet wise and how that effected my progress. So Here it is my first weekly update Monday-Sunday.

Monday 10/04/2017 - Sunday 16/04/2017

This was my Food plan for the week.

I know it is not the most exiting thing to most people but I have 4 reasons for that.

1) I am a very picky eater there isn't really a great deal that I do eat especially in the way of fruit and veggies so it is hard for me to eat a lot of different things because i do no eat a lot of different things.

2) Because I am a picky eater I tend to try something enjoy it and become obsessed with that kind of thing and its all i eat for a long time as I sure you can tell creamy pasta is my current obsession and finding that I can have it on slimming world was an amazing discovery!

3) You will also notice that each week I will only have 1 main meat in my diet this meat will change each week but because I am a student and meat can get expensive I find its cheeper to buy 1 meat in bulk for the week and only use that and because I am not too bothered about varying my meals day to day I am happy with that.

4) Also I love pasta! I have always loved pasta and finding out that all dried pasta is free on Slimming World to me is a god sent!

So this was my plan for the week and unfortunately I stuck to is quite a bit but it did go a bit all over the place the next table is what I actually did eat this week.

So looking at it although i did not stick to my plan up until sunday (which was the day I knew would be the day I slip up) I wasn't over my syns and stuck to the Slimming world plan just not my personal meal plan which honestly I am happy with. 

The days with the green triangles in the corner are the days I am at work so I have my Lunch at work and 3/4 of those days I forgot to take my lunch in so that was what I had to buy from the cafe at work.

Syns for the week 

I am allowed between 35-105 Syns for the week.

I had planned to have 30 syns that week with a bit of wiggle room for anything extra I ended up having.

I actual had between Tuesday and saturday (before I really slipped up) 42 Syns
But between the burger king the sunday roast and all of the alcohol I consumed over saturday and monday I really messed up and know I went over so I am just writing that off and giving myself a fresh start tomorrow to start again.

This weeks overall thoughts

So this week could have gone better admittedly but I have some goals to reach this week and know where I want to improve which is what this journey is all about trial and error. I am not going to dwell on my mistakes just learn from them and leave them in the week before. 

Today I am going to plan my meals out again and try and stick to them but stuff happens and I know that isn't always possible but as long as I am keeping within my syn count I will be fine. I am going to set myself some goals this week and try to stick to them and I stayed within my syn limit for most of the week and I am happy with my 4lbs loss but I know if I had stuck to it at the end it could have been more but this is all a learning curve and I will try harder and see what next week brings. 

Goals for next week

- Stick to meal plan where possible
-Always leave extra syns for drinking just incase I end up going out
-Try to eat breakfast every morning (I am rubbish for eating breakfast)
-Don't go over Syn limit

Any hints and tips are welcome....
Thanks for following my journey guys if anyone has any tips for me or anyone else feel free to comment hints and tips are always welcome. 

Something I am really struggling with is finding meals to take to work with me there is a microwave that I can use at work also but I think cold pastas are something I would enjoy the most or something I can make in one batch and freeze or put in the fridge for the week. Any recipes or ideas would be very helpful. 

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